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What is the best way to learn English ?

To learn a language you have to READ, WRITE and LISTEN, but most of all SPEAK.

Before reading a text my student prepares it: I read it to him/her, s/he repeats, we work on pronunciation and comprehension. After that s/he can read the text alone.

The word order in a sentence is not the same in English as in your own language. I will teach you how to express yourself correctly. 

I know! Most students don’t like grammar… But for English they are very important. You have to learn the rules, and (even more important) you have to learn WHEN to use them. Because in English that makes all difference.

For a good pronunciation you have to know how and where in your mouth the typical English sounds are made. By explaining this, and with the help of the phonetic alphabet, you will learn good pronunciation.

The best way to learn new words is in a context. That way you will learn faster and remember them more easily. 

This is what all my students find the hardest, because they are afraid of making mistakes! No need to be stressed. I will give you all the time you need to express yourself, and bit by bit you will learn.

If you want to speak English with someone, you must also understand what they say. you can learn this by listening to Youtube videos, music, recordings, etc.

Can I learn English in a fun way? Can I learn English by watching a movie or listening to music?

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What my students say about me 👍

Stephanie was very stressed about her final exam, so I sent her a text to encourage her (screenshot from my phone).

“Saskia is a very good teacher. A great thoughtful person that I recommend. She is organised and works with precision and pedagogy. She always listens and answers questions and always has extra ideas to make the lessons more fun.”

Corinne Reynes