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About Saskia

What are the criteria for a good English teacher ?
Why choose me ?
Where does all my experience come from to find the best method?

This is how it all began:

In 1992 the Dutch government started the WSNS project (“all children go to school together”, or in Dutch: Weer Samen Naar School). From that moment, most children with learning difficulties that were attending specialised schools, had to go to regular schools.

At first that caused a situation, because a lot of things needed to be adapted. The teachers had to be trained, and all the parents and children had to deal with start-up problems.
I was lucky to work for a school where there was an internal consultant present three days per week:

In 2012 I moved to France and my first year here I worked as an AESH (assistant for handicapped children). Again, I followed training given by the DSDEN of the Tarn (educational organism). I loved doing that, but unfortunately that was a 1-year contract non-renewable.
After that I became an English teacher, and I have worked since with young and old, with and without a ‘DYS’.

What my colleagues say about me ... 👍🏻

In January 2021 I organised a webinar online about teaching English to students with Special Educational Needs. These are some of their reactions.

témoignage collègue Sarah Rose
collègue témoaignage compassion informatif